Mainan kastem buatan tangan dengan air mata
Custom Art Toys....Handmade & Handpainted in Malaysia...

I began my journey as a multimedia and graphic design lecturer,
shaping young minds with creativity and innovation. From the vibrant classrooms
of Kuala Lumpur to bustling streets of Shanghai , I immersed myself in the
world of multimedia, guiding students towards their dreams.

Decades passed, and retirement beckoned. Returning to the serene landscapes
of Sik, Kedah, I found solace in crafting toys.Surrounded by the rhythmic sway
of paddy fields, each toy became a testament to my journey.

Founded in 2018, Ayaq Mata Toy Company is located at the northern
section of the Malaysian peninsular - in the small town of Sik, Kedah.

I create custom toys with a uniquely "Malaysian flavour" for fun and
for the Malaysian local toy scene. All creations are meticulously hand-made or
manually processed, as product series are made in very small, limited quantities.
This is carried out in between daily village routines such as tending to farming
activities as well as fishing.

The personal care and attention to detail placed into each and every single item
created is hence expressed through grit, sweat, and tears (“ayaq mata”, or “air mata”
in Malay). Uniquely and truly Malaysian, with heart.

Ayaq Mata Toy is more than just a small toy company; it is a symbol of community, culture, and creativity.
Ayaq Mata Toy remains deeply rooted in its community while extending its reach and influence
to bring smiles and imagination to toy collectors all over Malaysia.

"Tak perlu semua import, kita pun kaya dengan budaya kita sendiri"

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